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NAFPS in the Front Line of Accreditation Promotion

National Accreditation Focal Points who are appointed by their respective governments are mainly responsible for the promotion of accreditation and marketing of SADCAS services within their respective countries. They are SADCAS tentacles of reaching out to clients/potential clients as well as stakeholders including the general public in SADC Member States. In executing SADCAS activities, NAFPs prepare annual implementation plans in support of SADCAS annual implementation plans in order to achieve SADCAS objectives. The implementation of national action plans by NAFPs is monitored for progress by SADCAS through quarterly reports. Upon evaluation of the reports by SADCAS, each NAFP is given feedback for improvement as necessary. Summaries of NAFP quarterly reports are circulated to all NAFPs, their respective supervisors, and SADCAS Board members and are subject of discussion at Board meetings. NAFPs meet annually to be appraised on developments in SADCAS, review their activities and to develop the framework for the next year’s marketing plan.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Training Services

SADCAS offers training on accreditation related courses.


21 Jun

The Municipal Council of Mbabane’s Laboratory has been accredited by SADCAS in the scope: Microbiological Analysis.  The accreditation...

19 Jun

The Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC)’s Agriculture Laboratory has been accredited by SADCAS in the scope: Chemical Analysis. ...

17 Jun

The Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation’s Building Materials Science Division (BITRI BMSD) Laboratory has been...

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