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Training Services

SADCAS offers training on accreditation related courses.

Training can be conducted in-house or as open courses. SADCAS offers the following training courses:

  • One day awareness training courses on the various key accreditation standards. The objective of the one day awareness training courses is to create awareness on the benefits and importance of accreditation and the requirements of the respective accreditation standards.
  • Five days’ requirements, implementation and internal auditing standards whose objective is to provide an insight into the respective system standards requirements, implementation as well as to guide conformity assessment bodies’ personnel on how to prepare and carry out an internal audit so as to monitor compliance with the system standard.
  • Three days’ internal auditing courses whose objective is to impart internal auditing knowledge and skills so that conformity assessment bodies are able to monitor compliance with the respective key accreditation standards.

Five days’ intensive course on Method Validation and Measurement Uncertainty covers statistical fundamentals and advanced concepts of statistical techniques that are used in both method validation/ verification and in calculating measurement uncertainty of test results.

Besides the above courses, SADCAS can also offer other accreditation related courses depending on needs. The training courses are conducted on behalf of SADCAS by a pool of qualified and registered trainers who have hands on and up to date experience on accreditation matters. The training courses are designed to create awareness on the benefits and importance of accreditation and to promote an understanding of the requirements of the key accreditation standards. In order not to compromise its impartiality principles and status in training service delivery, SADCAS does not give specific advice for the development of an organization’s operations. Furthermore the training delivered or facilitated by SADCAS are not a pre-condition of accreditation neither do they guarantee accreditation by SADCAS. 

Click here to download  Training Calendar for 2022-23.pdf 

Training Services

SADCAS offers training on accreditation related courses.


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