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Accredited Organizations

To view the scope of accreditation of a facility, click on the Accredited Laboratory/Inspected Body.

NOTE: This list is updated regularly.

Where a facility’s accreditation has been suspended, the words "SUSPENDED” shall appear.

Where a facility’s accreditation has been withdrawn, the words “WITHDRAWN” shall appear.

Organization Type Accredited Laboratory / Inspection Body Country Accreditation Number Status Schedule Of Accreditation
Calibration laboratories Namibian Standards Institution - Volume Metrology [CAL-9 003] Namibia CAL-9 003 APPROVED Download
Calibration laboratories Namibian Standards Institution - Mass Metrology [CAL-8 002] Namibia CAL-8 002 APPROVED Download
Calibration laboratories Seychelles Bureau of Standards Seychelles CAL-8 001 APPROVED Download
Calibration laboratories Zambia Bureau of Standards Zambia CAL-14 004 APPROVED Download
Calibration laboratories ISOCAL Calibration Lboratories Zimbabwe CAL-8 006 APPROVED Download


Training Services

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23 May

June 9, marks World Accreditation Day (WAD) as a global initiative jointly established by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF)...

23 May

22 May 2018: AFRAC (African Region Accreditation Cooperation) has today achieved recognition status to the ILAC Mutual...

10 Apr

The National Accreditation Focal Point (NAFP) for Swaziland and NAFP–Zimbabwe were awarded certificates of recognition for their effort...

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